Application Security 

Web application security involves a group of various security controls to protect a website and its assets from malicious threats. The purpose of web applications security is to make sure that the website doesn’t stop working in the event of being under attack.  

Waltance offers comprehensive web and mobile applications security solutions. We evaluate inherent vulnerabilities, encryption technologies, back-end services, secure transmission, and data leakage, to name a few.  

Waltance has an expert team of Android and iOS specialists that extends support to your app development team to detect and remediate loopholes in any application. We help to design programs integrated with application security across the entire development lifecycle of the software. 

Code Review & Threat Modeling

The code review process is a quality assurance activity where a group of people goes through the source code of the website, software, or application to check for any flaws. It is used to identify any potential coding errors, logistical glitches, design flaws, and more. At Waltance, we work with your team to identify the flaws at the early stages of development to prevent re-work.  

We conduct both manual and automated testing for our code review process. Our service goal is to offer accurate identification of security flaws. With the help of our quality secure code development and code review services, you can particularly determine logic errors, spec implementation, style guidelines, and more.  

Threat modeling is a structured process to identify potential security threats and structural vulnerabilities and to prioritize these threats to be mitigated in a systematic manner. At Waltance, our cybersecurity experts offer advanced threat modeling services. Experience enables our experts to aid your business with a built-in security response system against advanced and modern cyber-attack threat issues. 

Cloud Engineering & SecDevOps

At Waltance, we have a team of skilled cloud engineers to help your business with your cloud computing infrastructure. From designing and planning to management, our cloud engineering solutions play a comprehensive role in assessing your organization’s infrastructure. 

SecDevOps provide combined solutions for the security, development, and operations protocols at an organization. It refers to a set of best practices where the development and operations teams work with a common goal to improve the security aspect of the website, software, or application. At Waltance, we have a team of developers to provide excellent SecDevOps solutions to your business.   


vCISO refers to a virtual chief information security officer. At Waltance, we have experienced and skilled cybersecurity professionals in our team with credible years of experience in the industry. They help organizations to design, develop, and manage their internal information security strategy and advise on how to implement it. Waltance provides dedicated vCISO services for businesses and organizations.  

Cloud & infrastructure Security

Cloud and infrastructure security solutions refer to a set of policies, applications, and technologies that are implemented to protect all kinds of data and applications saved in an organization’s cloud computing system. At Waltance, we help organizations to navigate advanced security threats with our cloud security solutions. We enable them to retain visibility, proper control and security in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.  

We offer 360-degree cloud penetration testing that involves a combination of external and internal techniques to review the external security posture of any organization. Our experts perform active testing to determine security issues existing in the form of unprotected storage, servers having management ports that are open to the internet, poor egress control and more. Furthermore, we conduct testing to identify security issues in your Azure, GCP and AWS cloud infrastructure and help to enhance the security.   

We also offer effective network penetration testing services with proper understanding backed by a wealth of experience and resources. The process involves identifying the vulnerabilities present in the systems and applications utilizing malicious techniques intentionally to review the security strength of the network.

Security Operations Center

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized unit in an organization that works to continuously monitor and improve the current security protocols put in place. The SOC unit includes a team of IT professionals, various processes, and the latest technology – all together working to monitor, detect, analyze, and prevent cybersecurity threats.   

At Waltance, we offer SOC services for businesses and organizations to help them monitor and improve their internal security systems. We provide end-to-end security operations that meticulously and continuously monitors all malicious threats, as well as analyzes, prevents and investigates any threats that come forward. 

Infrastructure Management

At Waltance, we understand individual client requirements and provide customizable infrastructure management solutions for both Cloud-based and On-premises systems.   

We provide infrastructure solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud networks. We look after network maintenance, load balancing, data storage, backups, device monitoring, etc. We utilize a mix of different software and technologies to successfully implement our cloud strategies.   

On-premises infrastructure refers to the physical IT infrastructural system present in an organization. This includes all the devices, computers, and other hardware systems that can be found within an organization’s office premises. The applications that are used are installed on the on-premises devices and not controlled from some remote server.   

At Waltance, we have experienced professionals with technical expertise to provide both cloud-based and on-prem infrastructure management systems.

Backend Support

Should talk about backend support services like technical support desk and user support 

At Waltance, we also provide backend support solutions to help businesses manage their client relationships. We offer technical support desk and user support services for your organization.  

Organizations can outsource their backend functions to Waltance and be guaranteed of 24/7 customer service provided to their product users. From installation to upgradation, from troubleshooting to maintenance, our highly-trained backend staff can efficiently manage the technical support desk and provide user support.  

Product Development

At Waltance, we provide help with coding solutions to improve and speed up the product development phase for websites, applications, and software. The product development process comprises of a planned strategy that aims to build a unique program to achieve a business goal. The heart of this process lies in the coding aspect of it.  

Software coding is a complex process that aims to convert an idea into a working software or application. At Waltance, we have an efficient team of product developers who can help organizations in writing complex codes and enable them to build their applications faster and with more precision. We work closely with the client and develop a software product based on the roadmap given by them and executed by us.  

Social Media Management

The IT industry is a cut-throat marketplace today. For every new application and software that your company develops, there are already multiple competitors waiting for you in the market. Hence, the promotion of your product or service has become an integral part of success for every IT business.  

At Waltance, we provide social media management services for IT organizations. Social media is a powerful tool for promotion and we know how to leverage your company’s social media to build a positive buzz around your product or service. Our social media services aim to maximize the reach of your product/service among the right target audience. We have a skilled and experienced social media team to help you achieve your marketing goals.